The world is best experienced through your tastebuds.

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

I used to be the 'eat to live' sort, until I started to travel and my tastebuds opened to a world of flavours! I realised that with a few key ingredients and a little imagination I could actually transform my everyday meals into a little bit of happiness. 

A little confession, I am somewhat of a fussy eater, so if something gets my attention, it's gotta be pretty special!

This space will be used to share food from around the world. From cafés, bars and restaurants, to my very own home-cooked meals. I very much enjoy healthy, locally sourced ingredients and as much as I can I aim for a zero waste, plastic free lifestyle.

Fun fact about me: I absolutely hate mayonnaise! Seriously, it's like a phobia of mine. People ask me what it is about mayo that scares me, the answer is; I don't know! So, if I have any fellow mayo haters out there, holla! And you can be 100% certain that my posts will not contain any of that gloopy white stuff.

"A healthy body is a healthy mind."

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I explore options for sugar free and some vegetarian meals.


Snakefruit & Mangostean, Nasi Goreng & Tempei, deep fried tarantula or fire ant curry. Don't tell me you haven't tried crispy crickets?

Courgette & Avocado Cake - Pollock Estat
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